Friday, August 29, 2008

Beginning self journey to online journalism

Here we are again, it has been five fast days, I prefer to call these days’ fruitful days with lots of useful and important information for journalist in the era of internet communication milestone.

Our Last day of internet workshop training here at TGDLC – DSM has been blessed by having a guest Bwana Maggid Mjengwa whom I dare to call very talented feature writer and bloger.

Being invited by our Trainer Ndugu Peik to participate in the training, Maggid have spent good hours with us and shared his experience in journalistic work and blogging.

Through vivid examples from his blog - we have managed to learn and make some practical exercise on how we can manage our blogs and use them for our own interest, the interest of the society globally as well as our media houses.

The session went well it was very interactive and I got the really feel on how blogging can act as tool for journalism.

Before I go further let me mention some key important issues that have been highlighted during blog session with Maggid, Firstly the ethical issue, blogers must watch out what their blogging.

Communication is very powerful being unethical is just not fair for the people in society we are communicating to.

Though bloggers has the freedom to publish whatever they want I think self censorship is very important.

Secondly I have seen now how blog can be used as a platform for people from different areas of the world to share their ideas, to pull out information, and to debate on various issues..

Finally I would like to say that there have been a lot more that I have gained through this training.

I would like to thank MISA Tanzania and VIKES Foundation and specifically Mr Peik Johansson who have been very patient to our questions and very helpful trainer Asante Sana and Karibu TBC.

Kila chenye mwanzo hakikosi mwisho.

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