Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kilio cha wananchi wa Tanzania

Kwa nini mafisadi hawawekezi mapesa yao ya kifisadi katika viwanda vya kuzalisha hapa nchini.
Mafisadi wanaweka mapesa yao wapi? Hatuna viwanda vya kutengeneza sindano, hatuna viwanda vya kuzalisha ili tuuze na sisi bidhaa nje ya nchi yetu.

Tuache kukuza uchumi wa nchi yetu kwa kupiga simu. Pato la taifa likuzwe kwa kilimo bora, ekari zetu millioni 44 zitatosha kututoa hapa tulipo.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Bidhaa bandia sokoni, madukani, bandarini

Hivi hizi bidhaa bandia zinazoingizwa hapa nchini ni nani hasa wa kulaumiwa
Na ni nani hasa awajibishwe, Nani afikishwe katika vyombo vya Sheria?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Beginning self journey to online journalism

Here we are again, it has been five fast days, I prefer to call these days’ fruitful days with lots of useful and important information for journalist in the era of internet communication milestone.

Our Last day of internet workshop training here at TGDLC – DSM has been blessed by having a guest Bwana Maggid Mjengwa whom I dare to call very talented feature writer and bloger.

Being invited by our Trainer Ndugu Peik to participate in the training, Maggid have spent good hours with us and shared his experience in journalistic work and blogging.

Through vivid examples from his blog - mjengwa.blogspot.com we have managed to learn and make some practical exercise on how we can manage our blogs and use them for our own interest, the interest of the society globally as well as our media houses.

The session went well it was very interactive and I got the really feel on how blogging can act as tool for journalism.

Before I go further let me mention some key important issues that have been highlighted during blog session with Maggid, Firstly the ethical issue, blogers must watch out what their blogging.

Communication is very powerful being unethical is just not fair for the people in society we are communicating to.

Though bloggers has the freedom to publish whatever they want I think self censorship is very important.

Secondly I have seen now how blog can be used as a platform for people from different areas of the world to share their ideas, to pull out information, and to debate on various issues..

Finally I would like to say that there have been a lot more that I have gained through this training.

I would like to thank MISA Tanzania and VIKES Foundation and specifically Mr Peik Johansson who have been very patient to our questions and very helpful trainer Asante Sana and Karibu TBC.

Kila chenye mwanzo hakikosi mwisho.

Student Partinership Wordwide

Mimi na wafanyakazi wenzangu mwaka 2007 SPW Iringa

Nakumbuka zamani

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Human rights in China.

Before the Olympic Game began on 8th August this year Amnesty International condemns China for violating human rights to its people.

According to the Amnesty International human right reports publicized this year China was estimated to have at least 470 people who were executed and 1,860 people sentenced to death during 2007, although the true figures were believed to be much higher because death penalty statistics continued to be regarded as a state secret in China.
Moreover Amnesty International condemned China for violating international human rights by denying freedom of assembly and freedom of expression to protesters in Tibet who were demanding the easing of a government-imposed campaign which forces monks to write denunciations of the Dalai Lama and subjects them to government political propaganda.

On that event different international media reported that over 50 protesters were arrested. Subsequent protests also began in other monasteries in support of those detained, which led to more general unrest throughout Lhasa and in other parts of Tibet in which lay people joined in.

Amnesty international says Police and military forces fired teargas into crowds, beating protestors and fired live ammunition in an attempt to disperse them.

Due to those problems the Olympic torch for Olympic game was also boycotted in different countries such as London, Paris as well as China.

The situation that destroyed the aim Olympic torch of being a symbol of peace between the continents.

Amnesty international said they expected International Olympic Committee - IOC to give condition for China to fulfil its promise of scrutinizing human rights in its country before they give China opportunity to host the Olympic Games.

However during the Olympic Games there were no reports of human rights abuse in China published by media, the focus seemed to be more on the Olympic Games.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tz Journalist managing their blogs

Today 27 August 2008 we began the session by reviewing each participant’s blog
created yesterday.

The facilitator made comments on each blog, I liked the comments given to all participants because they were encouraging comments.

After review we were given task to write astory of what we didi yesterday and put down any exiting issues or problems that arised yesterday.

Everyone participated and we all posted the story to our blogs and went for health break (Chai’ and eggs).

After Chai we went on practising posting as well as editing our posts and learn how to link other websites in our blogs.

The facilitator explained a bit about bloggers and that enyone out ther can be a bloger don’t have to be journalist to blogger.

We also had session on Central task of searching content in the World wide web- www. Since there are trillions of data and information in the www searchers need to be very straight in order to easily get the kind of information required.

WWW is very crucial to the journalist we can do research as well as broad our knowledge by finding various information through internet.

As journalist we do reporting on different issues that vary from day to day life and technology thus we must be keen on finding accurate information that will help us write good stories from unique angles. The more information we have the more creative we shall be.

It is sad fact that most of time due to limited information among journalist many issues are left uncovered because reporting base on what is heard at that moment. The situation can change only by broad knowledge which can easily be obtained through the internet.

However when the internet searching must go hand in hand with prior awareness of what is required.

Tanapa, uefa, USA white house, Tanzania Government website, Zain, Karagwe contact are some of the website visited.

MISA helped 15 Journalist to become bloggers

Tuesday 26 2008 was another day for me and fellow journalist to be in front of computers with internet access as well as cool weather of the clean room for seven hours, I arrived in the training room at nine past four some fellows were still missing but we began the class anyway.

According to our schedule we visited different media websites of Tanzania, as well as international sites. The main aim being to see how this site may be useful to journalist like providing news ideas and also as a source of backgorung information from previous stories that develops.

My self I was a bit carried out to read different newspapers oline like The daily nation of Kenya (http://www.nation.co.ke/) Tanzania Daima and BBC (http://news.bbc.co.uk/). I believe that Jouranalist in Tanzania will be able to upgrade their reporting standard if the access to internet reliable.

I know that some media house have internet access but i also understand that there are still problems cause journalist in Tanzania to have limited acces to internet.Among those problem is lack of ample time visit websites, many journalist in Tanzania we spent most of our time in the field where we are collecting news.

However another important moment turned when we started blogging , The facilitator introduced the topic about blogs.

I liked the instruction by the facilitator on how to open blogs and how can we utilize them as journalist . I just hope that everyone in our session was able to understand how to open blogs

We opened our blogs, wrote story and posted stories.

The bloging was funny as well because during the brake most of participants were talking about their blogs names, contents and how they will be using their internet.